Fashionable luxury sheepskin carpet, grey


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Our luxurious sheepskin rug in dark grey has a gorgeous feel to it. The darker colour can help to add definition to a space or room, and is more gender neutral than our other colours.

Add a new level of luxury to a living room, bedroom, or study with our beautiful sheepskin rugs. They’re deliciously soft, so perfect as you step out of bed, and seriously cosy on the back of a sofa or armchair.

We’ve sourced the most authentically Nordic sheepskin we could find, and we love its unique softness and high quality. Sheepskin is naturally long-lasting and easy to look after. It’s a traditional part of Scandinavian decor, and has a timeless feel.Each sheepskin rug will be slightly different and colours may vary a little.

Material: 100% Natural Long Wool Sheepskin

Approximate length: 100cm

Colours appear subtly different on various screens, so please contact us if you require any clarification and we��ll be happy to help.


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