Classic black and gray photo frame


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Our sustainably sourced ash picture frames are a gorgeous way to display your favourite pieces of art around the home.

The art we choose to adorn our walls can tell a unique and personal story: places we��ve visited, colours and patterns we love, and moods we hope to evoke in the space we live.

Whether you��re creating a gallery wall or hanging standalone pieces, our black wooden picture frames are beautifully made and suitable for both landscape and portrait pictures.

So you can choose prints, pictures and photos to place somewhere you��ll love to see them!

All frames can be hung either landscape or portrait, and both A5 and A4 frames can be freestanding, while the A3 frame is wall hanging only.

Material: ash

Frame dimensions:
A5 –
Length: 23cm
Width: 17cm

A4 –
Length: 32cm
Width: 23cm

A3 –
Length: 44cm
Width: 32cm


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