Magnificent giant artificial olive tree


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Truly gorgeous and almost indistinguishable from their Mediterranean counterparts, our extra-large faux olive trees are a little piece of warmer climes that you can add to your own home, whatever the weather.

With pretty grey-green foliage, these trees have exquisite attention to detail, making them incredibly realistic and a joy to have in a living room or hallway. Like all our faux flowers and foliage, these trees are designed to bring some freshness and nature to your home, without the pressure of watering and maintaining them. Full of summer sunshine, warmth and a slower pace of living, you’ll love adding some peaceful faux plants to your space.

If your heart is in the Mediterranean, this olive tree will have you back there in spirit in a heartbeat!Group this extra-large version with our small trees, or give it pride of place individually.

Each tree is sold individually.

Diameter(pot): 24cm
Height(tree) approx: 160cm

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