Simple and fashionable white ceramic flowerpot


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Cultivate your own indoor plant collection with our simple and stylish white ceramic plant pots, made for us in Sweden for that authentic style we love.

Whether you love succulents, Evergreen tree or elegant orchid, or elegant orchids, our tactile white plant pots are a wonderful accompaniment that allow your plants’ loveliness to shine through.

A stunning design, each plant pot has straight edges with a small lip at the top – a thoughtful detail that adds to the overall feel. The gorgeous finish is soft and smooth to the touch, making these pots ones you’ll enjoy using as well as displaying around the home.

Available in two sizes, these versatile plant pots are a great addition to your home, or a gift for your favourite plant lover.

Each size is sold individually.

Material: ceramic

Medium –
Diameter: 16cm
Height: 15cm

Large –
Diameter: 22cm
Height: 20cm


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