Tibet natural sheepskin carpet


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Enjoy our super-soft Tibetan sheepskin rug on a chair or bench, or as a decorative blanket at the end of your bed. This beautiful arctic colour has a delicate ombre effect, with a darker colour at the base, fading to light white at the tip.

Tibetan sheepskin is unlike any other sheepskin you’ve experienced. It is unbelievably soft because it’s so much longer and finer than other types of sheepskin.A wonderful addition to the back of a sofa, dining bench or armchair, this rug is as versatile as it is gorgeous.

Like all our sheepskin rugs, this piece is a natural product, which offers luxury and comfort wherever you decide to place it.

Material: 100% Natural Long Wool Tibetan Sheepskin

Approximate length: 85cm

Colours appear subtly different on various screens, so please contact us if you require any clarification and we��ll be happy to help.


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